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Pressure Washer Hose

Industrial Pressure Washer Hose

Pressure Washer Hoses

If your pressure wash job calls for strength, flexibility, and reliability, then JGB has the right Pressure Wash Hose for you, from cleaning dairy equipment to cleaning big rigs.

Our large inventory means a quick delivery - standard Pressure Wash Hose Assemblies are available from stock.

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JGB services the Pressure Wash Industry with a variety of high pressure water hoses for use in Pressure Washing and Water Blasting.

Pressure Washing (also called Power Washing or Hydrocleaning) – the use of water under high pressure for surface cleaning. Some common applications for pressure washing would be:

Pressure Washer Hoses

High Pressure Water Hose is reinforced to withstand the various higher pressures of water being pumped through the hose without bursting. The typical safety margin for pressure washer hose is 3:1, which means for example, a 3000 psi hose would be safe for a 1000 psi pressure washer.

Water Blasting (also called Hydro Jetting, or Hydroblasting) – a more powerful form of power washing used for surface cleaning / stripping in industrial, construction, manufacturing, marine and aviation settings.  Some typical water blasting applications would include:

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