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Coils / 14 Watt

Coils / 14 Watt

Vendor: Granzow

Valve Type(s):
Miscellaneous Valves and Accessories

Valve Description:

Granzow's solenoid valve coils are available in voltages from 110 volt AC, 50-60Hz to 240 volt AC, 50-60Hz and from 12 volt DC to 24 volt DC. Coils are available in 8, 12, and 14 watts.
These solenoid valve coils are interchangeable on all Granzow solenoid valves.

Valve Category:

14 Watt

14-Watt Coil Dimensions
Coil Width (A): 2 1/16"
Coil Length (B):  2 5/32"
Coil Length (C):   2 5/8"
Coil Length (D):   1 5/8"
Granzow Valve Coil 14-Watt

Electrical Connection
Inrush VA:  43
Holding VA:  27
Electrical Connection:  DIN (NEMA 4)

Coil Molding Materials
MoldMaterial Description Class Temperature
GAPABlack polyamide F310°F
GHEP Black epoxy resinH 360°F

Coil Specifications
Nominal Voltage:  DC 10% -5%
Tolerances:  AC 10% -15%

Code Power (Watts) Voltages ED Approvals Request a Quote
GA2356 14 V220-230/50-60Hz 100% CE Request Quote
GA2456 14 V 24/50-60Hz 100% CE Request Quote
GA24DC 14 V 24 D.C. 100% CE Request Quote
GH12DC 14 V 12 D.C. 100% CE Request Quote
GH2456 14 V 24/50-60Hz 100% CE Request Quote
GH24DC 14 V 24 D.C. 100% CE Request Quote
Note: Additional voltages are available upon request.
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -