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US Hose Corporation
Tift Compoflex - Heavy Duty Chemiflex SG-Z /SS-Z Code 969075 MARINE HOSES (CHEMICAL HOSES)

A composite hose manufactured from high quality polypropylene fabrics and films with a special 100% aromatic resistant vapor barrier layer in the hose wall Directly under the inner wire is E.I DuPont s Tefzel® PTFE film for superior chemical resistance and mechanical use, with additional layers of layers of PTFE film reinforced with a T316 stainless steel wire with a galvanized steel outer wire helix or optional T316 stainless steel outer wire. With an red PVC ozone and abrasion resistant cover with dual blue and orange stripes.

Internal Diameter  Maximum Working Pressure.
Minimum Bend Radius.
Weight Pounds
Per Foot
Request a Quote
4"  200 16 5.3 70 Request Quote
6" 200 20 7.3  70 Request Quote
8" 200 29" 11.0  55 Request Quote
10" 200 36" 14.00  40  Request Quote

Tefzel® and PTFE are registered brand names of L.I. DuPont Corporation.

   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -