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Jackson Industries
Rubber Covered Hose of FEP/PFA - JACK-CHEM

  • Chemical Transfer
  • Acid Transfer
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Photo Emulsions
  • Food Processing
  • Large Diameter Smooth Bore
  • Tank Truck
  • Slurry/Waste

Construction: Jack-Chem has been custom engineered for lasting service in the most demanding applications. Jack-Chem starts with a smooth; non-stick FDA approved white FEP fluoropolymer, PTFE and PFA liners can be custom ordered. Two plies of synthetic rubber reinforced with horizontal fabric braid are permanently bonded to the FEP tube. A wire helix is included to support the shape in full vacuum service and to prevent kinking. This provides a grounding path for electrical charges through the exterior body of the hose. For materials that create static buildup on the inner FEP liner, a black conductive FEP is required to dissipate the charge. The entire hose is protected by an abrasion resistant rubber cover that will not fade or discolor with age and is also weather resistant.

New-FEP Liner flared over flange retainer face for continuous smooth media contact with FEP liner

* White Fluoropolymers are FDA approved, black conductive materials are not.

  • Smooth bore up to 4" I.D.
  • Less turbulence created by smooth bore provides better flow rates.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Easily drained/steam cleanable.
  • Feel of a rubber hose versus handling braided wire.
  • Rated up to 550 PSI working pressure.

Temperature Rating: -40°F (-40°C) to +300°F (+148°C). Contact JGB Customer Service for temps over 300°F.

Part Number Nominal
Size (in.)
Pressure *
Rating *
Request Quote
Request Quote
White Black ID OD
JC-08 JCB-08 0.50 0.87 550 PSI 2200 PSI Full 3.0 .33 lbs. Request Quote Request Quote
JC-12 JCB-12 0.75 1.25 450 PSI 1800 PSI Full 3.5 .60 lbs. Request Quote Request Quote
JC-16 JCB-16 1.00 1.50 450 PSI 1800 PSI Full 4.0 .73 lbs. Request Quote Request Quote
JC-24 JCB-24 1.50 2.00 400 PSI 1600 PSI Full 8.5 1.20 lbs. Request Quote Request Quote
JC-32 JCB-32 2.00 2.50 300 PSI 1500 PSI Full 10.5 1.45 lbs. Request Quote Request Quote
JC-48 JCB-48 3.00 3.50 175 PSI 700 PSI Full 25.0 2.40 lbs. Request Quote Request Quote
JC-64 JCB-64 4.00** 4.50 150 PSI 600 PSI Full 42.0 3.55 lbs. Request Quote Request Quote
  * All pressures and vacuum ratings calculated at 70°F.
** 4" is available with a 300-400 ft minimum run.
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -

* Jackson Industries is a certified ISO 9001 manufacturer of Fluoropolymer PTFE Hose and part of the worldwide network of US Hose Corporation.