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Pump-Flex Composite Hose

Pump-Flex Composite Hose

Type:  Suction & Discharge

Vendor:  Novaflex


Pump-Flex™ Composite Hose is specifically designed for the Pump Rental Industry. Pump-Flex™ Composite Hose replaces the heavy rubber suction and discharge hoses, commonly used in the pump rental market, that are extremely heavy and hard to maneuver and due to the small bend radius of the rubber hose, can also kink prematurely.

A rugged suction and discharge hose excellent for the transfer of water, dirty oily water and light chemicals.

* Not for use in Marine Dock, Crude Oil, Bunker Oil or heavy viscous product applications.


Up to +200°F (Operating)


10 feet & 20 feet standard lengths

Features & Advantages: • Specifically designed for the Pump Rental Industry.
• Crimped couplings
• Absorbs pump pulsations
• Requires less manpower to install than rubber hose, due to composite construction
• Provides extreme flexibility, light-weight handling and excellent service life.
• Easy to package for shipping and storage

Couplings: • Fixed x Floating CS 150 lb RF
• Flanges crimped each end

ID O.D. Min. Bend Radius
Burst Pres.
Hose WT
#150 Flange & Coupling
Wt/lbs each
Request Quote
4 4.4 12" 800 200 2.7 19 Request Quote
6 7.0 23" 800 200 7.5 41 Request Quote
8 9.4 33" 800 200 11 62 Request Quote
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   Reproductive Harm -