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Kanalite PS UVOR (101 PS UVOR) Hose

Kanalite PS UVOR (101 PS UVOR) Hose

Type:  Suction & Discharge

Vendor:  Kanaflex


Methane gas recovery at landfills, water suction/discharge. Solid wall construction and extra UV inhibitors provide extended life.

General water suction hose

* Over flexing or repeated flexing of hose within 18" of fitting is a common cause of hose failure. Installing a 12"-14" section of Kanaflex Banding Coil at the end of the hose should be considered.


-13°F to 140°F

I.D. O.D. Pitch Minimum Bend Radius Working Pressure Vacuum Rating Weight Standard Length Request a Quote
Inches Inches Inches 72°F Inches 72°F PSI 72°F In/Hg Lbs/Ft Ft
2.375 2.76 0.41 3.5 35 29.8 0.64 100 Request Quote
3-1/2 4.02 0.63 7.0 30 29.8 1.10 100 Request Quote
4-1/2 5.08 0.67 9.0 30 28.0 1.70 100 Request Quote
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -