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Vendor: Plastiflex

Category: Vacuum Hose


P-VAC Vacuum Hose commercial carpet extraction and cleaning hose

The highest quality all plastic hose designed for commercial cleaning applications.

  • Industrial wet/dry vacuums
  • Self service carwash vacuum systems
  • Portable extraction systems
  • Commercial vacuum cleaners for offices, hotels, ...
  • Truck mount vacuum cleaning
  • Duct Cleaning

Main Product Features and Benefits

P-VAC hose is unsurpassed for its excellent maneuverability and its resiliency that has made its reputation of User Friendliness in commercial cleaning applications. The P-VAC hoses are recognized industry-wide as the highest quality crushproof vacuum hose in the market. P-VAC offers a rugged, dual construction plus unparalleled flexibility. Its smooth interior bore means fast material flow.

  • Lightweight – Unique design eliminates the need for metal support. P-VAC utilizes the strength of the plastic itself, offering as a result a lightweight hose with toughness and amazing flexibility.
  • Corrosion Resistant – P-VAC is fabricated out of Ethylene Co-Polymer (LDPE) providing an excellent resistance to most acids and alkalies.
  • Crush Recovery – P-VAC is made out of double extrusion profile offering improved resilience. It springs back to its original shape when crushed or twisted.
  • Smooth Bore – Its smooth interior wall reduces considerably friction to a minimum for faster, more efficient job.
  • Wear Resistant – Its caps and channel double extrusion construction resists scrapes and wear.
  • Two-Tone color – P-VAC hose is unequalled in appearance. Its design permits the production of a two color hose.

And P-VAC is ready for the new Industry Standard that is emerging : 2.5” ID for even better flow, ease and speed of use for jobs done faster.


Ethylene Co-Polymer (LDPE) / smooth interior bore


- 40° C to + 150° F




Gray on Black


Other colors, lengths or end fittings are available on request.
Special cuff development for specific applications. Contact your JGB sales representative.

I.D. Approx. Weight Max.
Positive Pressure
Request Quote
(inches) (lbs/ft) (In.Hg) (PSI) (inches)
1-1/4” 0.24 20 10 3 Request Quote
1-1/2” 0.36 20 10 4 Request Quote
2” 0.48 18 10 5 Request Quote
2-1/2” - - - - Request Quote
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -