Goodyear/Veyance Technologies - Flexsteel 250 Steam

Flexsteel  250 Steam

Vendor: Goodyear/Veyance Technologies

Category: Steam Hose


For cleaning, heat control, fire prevention, pumping, thawing, blow-out service, steam pumps and hoists in open-end or permanent installation operations. It is used in refineries, shipyards, chemical plants, steel mills, foundries and heavy industrial applications where high strength is required and where severe environmental conditions are encountered.


Pyrosyn® synthetic rubber.


Braided steel wire (3/4" and 1" have 2 steel wire braids).


Black or red Pyrosyn, smooth finish, pin-pricked


0°F to 450°F (-18°C to 232°C)


Reels or 50’ cut lengths (1/2"-4 per box, 3/4"-3 per box, 1"-2 per box)


Example: Goodyear® Flexsteel® 250 Steam (DC) Drain after using. Made in USA


Contact JGB for proper fitting recommendation and coupling procedure.

Order Codes:

539-070 (Black)
539-076 (Red)


Black or Red

ID NOM. OD MAX WP WEIGHT Request a Quote
in. mm. in. mm. psi Mpa lb./ft. kg./m.
1/2* 12.7 1.06 26.9 250 1.72 .42 .63 Request Quote
3/4 19.1 1.28 32.5 250 1.72 .55 .82 Request Quote
1** 25.4 1.63 41.4 250 1.72 .91 1.35 Request Quote
*Not for use with crimped fittings
**1" red - Not for use with crimped fittings
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -