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PT Coupling
PT Coupling NPSH Straight Thread Gaskets

PT Coupling NPSH Straight Thread Gaskets

Vendor: PT Coupling

Coupling Type: Industrial / Specialty Couplings & Accessories


White Nitrile Food Grade, Buna N

Coupling Category:

Accessories and Replacement Parts

  • Made in the U.S.A.

Item # Part Name Material Size
5504207 B07ASY Buna N 3/4 in.
5504210 B10ASY Buna N 1 in.
5504215 B15ASY Buna N 1-1/2 in.
5504220 B20ASY Buna N 2 in.
5504230 B30ASY Buna N 3 in.
5504240 B40ASY Buna N 4 in.
5504250 B50ASY Buna N 5 in.
5504260 B60ASY Buna N 6 in.
5504280 B80ASY Buna N 8 in.
5504630 W30ASY White Nitrile Food Grade 3 in.
5504640 W40ASY White Nitrile Food Grade 4 in.
5504650 W50ASY White Nitrile Food Grade 5 in.
5504660 W60ASY White Nitrile Food Grade 6 in.
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -