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PT Coupling
PT Coupling PTFE Enveloped Coupling Gaskets

PT Coupling PTFE Enveloped Coupling Gaskets

Vendor: PT Coupling

Coupling Type: Industrial / Specialty Couplings & Accessories


PTFE with Viton Filler - Neoprene Filler - Buna Filler

Coupling Category:

Accessories and Replacement Parts

  • Made in the U.S.A.

Item # Part Name Material Size Weight
5501605 TOFN05Y FEP Enveloped Neoprene Filler 1/2 in. N/A
5501607 TOFN1 FEP Enveloped Neoprene Filler 3/4 in. N/A
5501610 TOFN2 FEP Enveloped Neoprene Filler 1 in. N/A
5501612 TOFN3 FEP Enveloped Neoprene Filler 1-1/4 in. N/A
5501615 TOFN4 FEP Enveloped Neoprene Filler 1-1/2 in. N/A
5501620 TOFN5 FEP Enveloped Neoprene Filler 2 in. N/A
5501625 TOFN6 FEP Enveloped Neoprene Filler 2-1/2 in. N/A
5501630 TOFN7 FEP Enveloped Neoprene Filler 3 in. N/A
5501640 TOFN8 FEP Enveloped Neoprene Filler 4 in. N/A
5501660 TOFN10 FEP Enveloped Neoprene Filler 6 in. N/A
5503705 TOFB05Y FEP Enveloped Buna Filler 1/2 in. N/A
5503707 TOFB1 FEP Enveloped Buna Filler 3/4 in. N/A
5503710 TOFB2 FEP Enveloped Buna Filler 1 in. N/A
5503712 TOFB3 FEP Enveloped Buna Filler 1-1/4 in. N/A
5503715 TOFB4 FEP Enveloped Buna Filler 1-1/2 in. N/A
5503720 TOFB5 FEP Enveloped Buna Filler 2 in. N/A
5503725 TOFB6 FEP Enveloped Buna Filler 2-1/2 in. N/A
5503730 TOFB7 FEP Enveloped Buna Filler 3 in. N/A
5503905 TOFV05Y TEF W/VITON FILL PTFE Enveloped Viton® Filler 1/2 in. 0.040 lb
5503907 TOFV1 FEP Enveloped Viton® Filler 3/4 in. N/A
5503910 TOFV2 FEP Enveloped Viton® Filler 1 in. N/A
5503912 TOFV3 FEP Enveloped Viton® Filler 1-1/4 in. N/A
5503915 TOFV4 FEP Enveloped Viton® Filler 1-1/2 in. N/A
5503920 TOFV5 FEP Enveloped Viton® Filler 2 in. N/A
5503930 TOFV7 FEP Enveloped Viton® Filler 3 in. N/A
5503940 TOFV8 FEP Enveloped Viton® Filler 4 in. N/A
5503960 TOFV10 FEP Enveloped Viton® Filler 6 in. N/A
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -