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OPW Engineered Systems
OPW Style 10° Swivel Joints

OPW Style 10° Swivel Joints

Vendor: OPW Engineered Systems

Coupling Type: Industrial / Specialty Couplings & Accessories


Styles 10 - 10F

Coupling Category:

Standard Swivel Joints


OPW Engineered Systems manufactures swivel joints for a broad range of uses in the chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, refining, mining, distilling, brewing, ink and paint industries, as well as farm irrigation and fertilizing. Design, plant and maintenance engineers use OPW swivels in flexible piping systems, loading arms, hose reels, sewer rodding and wastewater treatment equipment, and various types of process machinery. They also use our swivel joints in machine tool coolant transfer, drum filling applications, and in a variety of in-plant fluid and dry bulk transfer applications.

Versatility is the key to OPW Engineered Systems swivel joints. They make it possible for you to use rigid metal piping for loading and unloading fluids and dry product under pressure or vacuum without the difficulty or danger of handling heavy, cumbersome hoses.

Design Features

OPW Engineered Systems fabricated and cast ball bearing swivel joints allow you to construct a metal piping system that permits easy movement in any direction. Moveable, flexible and reliable, OPW Engineered Systems swivels are designed and built to the highest quality standards, including precision machining and 100% penetration welding, with special design features that include:

  1. Tight Seals
    • O-Rings provide a tight seal without hindering swivel action
    • Accurately machined and micro-finished grooves provide for minimal seal wear
    • Available in Buna-N, Viton®, EPT, Neoprene, Kalrez® and other seal materials as required
    • PTFE seals are available as spring energized or silcone/Viton® encapsulated
  2. True Ball Bearing Race Alignment
    • Body and tail sections are locked together by a double row of ball bearings
    • Raceways are machined to precise tolerances
    • Double raceway design assures proper alignment and prevents binding caused by temperature changes and heavy radial loads
    • Carbon steel swivels have hardened races to maximize load-carrying capability
  3. Protected Bearing Chamber
    • Protective inner O-ring seal prevents product from entering bearing chamber
    • Outer seal keeps rain, dirt, and other contaminants out
    • Both seals hold in lubrication
  4. Long-Life Bearings
    • Ball bearings are hardened, precision-ground steel
    • Stainless steel swivels have stainless steel bearings
    • All OPW swivels are available with stainless steel bearings on special order
  5. Easy Lubrication
    • All OPW swivels are pre-lubricated at the factory
    • All 3/4", 1", and submerged swivels are permanently lubricated
    • A grease fitting between races that accepts a standard grease gun is available for swivels that require field lubrication
    • Non-lubricating swivels are available on special order
  6. No Field Adjustment Necessary
    • Balls are held in place by factory-installed plugs that never need to be adjusted to maintain bearing performance Convenience of Choice
    • Available in a variety of sizes beginning at 3/4" and up
    • Available in threaded, flanged, and butt welded ends
    • Steam jacketed and split flange swivels are also available

  Material  Model  Size (inches)  Dimensions 
Thread x Thread
Style 10
Steel, Fabricated  3410  2, 3, 4  Steel & Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel, Fabricated  3910  2, 3, 4  Steel & Stainless Steel
  Material  Model  Size (inches)  Dimensions 
Flange x Flange
Style 10F
Steel, Fabricated 3410F 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 Steel & Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel, Fabricated 3910F 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 Steel & Stainless Steel

Steel & Stainless Steel Dimensions

Aluminum Dimensions

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