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OPW Engineered Systems
OPW SZ Series (Cable Release) Breakaway Coupling

OPW SZ Series (Cable Release) Breakaway Coupling

Vendor: OPW Engineered Systems

Coupling Type: Industrial / Specialty Couplings & Accessories


Protection against unintended pull-aways of tank trucks, railcars, barges, or ships.

Coupling Category:

Safety Breakaways

Areas of application

The SZ Series Emergency Breakaway Coupling with cable control is designed to protect against unintended pull-aways of tank trucks, railcars, barges or ships. Loading arms and hose lines, conveying gases or liquid media, can be either newly equipped or retrofitted with the SZ Series.


Two non-return valves prevent product loss in case of emergency separation. Both coupler halves are held together with segments and a slide ring. A cable pull triggers the separation by flipping the levers out of their locked position. The NTS also is available with the proactive remote or hand separation.


In a pull-off, the tensile force travels along the cable, leaving the hose or loading arm tension-free at all times. The levers are released, two non-return valves positively shut both ends, enabling the separation to occur. In contrast to most existing products, the SZ Series breakaways work independently from the working pressure and allow for a protective approach without the need to wait for an impact. With a proven track record of more than 25 years, the SZ Series Breakaway has earned an outstanding reputation of reliability in the industry.


  • Protection of loading-arm components 
  • Protection of loading facility 
  • Spill prevention 
  • Reconnectable

Materials: Stainless Steel (316), Hastelloy®, Monel Others available upon request

Seals: EPDM, Fluorocarbon, Chemraz®

Pressure Ratings: 150 to 600 psi

Available in 1", 2", 3", 4" and 6" (other sizes up to 12" available upon request)

Coupling Installation Example

SZ Series Breakaway Coupling Installation Example
When the line system is subjected to an unprecedented load, the levers swing out by the cable. The slide ring is displaced and the segments are released. Then the two body halves separate and the two spring-loaded valves immediately shut both hose ends.
Loading Arm Installation Example SZ Loading Arm Marine Installation Example
Note: The length of the SZ cable must be shorter than the maximum movement of the loading arm hose in order to trigger the separation.

NTS-PU Series Breakaway Coupling
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -