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Dixon Boss Fittings
Dixon Mining Fittings

Dixon Mining Fittings

Vendor: Dixon Boss Fittings

Coupling Type: Air & Multipurpose Couplings


Stem - Hex Nut - Wing Nut - Female Spud

Coupling Category:

Boss Fittings

  • These lightweight fittings are designed for underground air and water service. Metal to metal taper seat, zinc-plated steel. The fitting system features a plated steel hose stem, nut, and spud. Both the stem and spud have tapered seats which are held together by the nut, creating a positive metal to metal seal. The stem is sized to the hose ID and prior to being inserted into the hose, either a hex nut or wing nut is added to the stem. The hose stem with the nut is then inserted and clamped to the hose using band clamps.
  • For 1/2", 3/4" and 1" sizes, spuds or a special pipe nipple with an internal reamed taper, are permanently threaded to either the tool/equipment or air/water supply piping. For 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" sizes, regular pipe nipples are often used as spuds. When it's desired to connect the equipment to the supply piping, the hose assembly with the clamped on stems and nuts, is simply threaded to the spuds or pipe nipples, on both the tool/equipment or air/water supply piping.

Size stem hex nut wing nut female spud
Part # Part # Part # Part #
3/8" ... ... ... MFFS06-16
1/2" MFS08-16 MFN16 MFB2 ...
3/4" MFS12-16 MFN16 MFB2 MFFS12-16
1" MFS16-16 MFN16 MFB2 MFFS16-16
1-1/4" MFS20-20 MFN20 ...
1-1/2" MFS24-24 MFN24 ... ...

Note: stems and spuds ending with -16 can be used with either MFN16 (hex nut) or MFB2 (wing nut)
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -