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OPW Engineered Systems
Short-Range Hose (SRH) Bottom Loading Arm

Short-Range Hose (SRH) Bottom Loading Arm

Vendor: OPW Engineered Systems

Coupling Type: StandardLine Loading Arms


Short-Range Hose (SRH) Bottom Loading Arm

Coupling Category:

Bottom Loading Arm

SRH Order Guide

OPW's most popular Terminal Loading Arm, the SRH is a proven performer in Oil Terminals across the world. Its simple, yet robust, design has provided decades of reliable service. Ideal for retrofits of existing spring-balanced arms, as well as new installs, the SRH is ideal for applications up to four arms.

This simple arm incorporates only three swivel planes of rotation and is designed for use in top-loading installations where the vehicle is located at a fixed distance from the riser pipe. The two swivel planes at the inlet permit both up-and-down and side-to-side movement of the assembly, and the third swivel plane allows the drop pipe to remain vertical.

Features & Benefits:

  • 3000 Series Swivel Joints
    • Simple, Proven Design
    • Carbon Steel/Aluminum Construction
    • Low-Temperature Fluorocarbon Seals
    • Wide Compatibility
  • 790 EZ Adjust Counterbalance
    • Safe, Easy Spring Adjustment
    • Integral Upward, Downward Travel Stops
  • Braided Stainless Steel or Rackmaster Composite Hoses
  • Available with Lynx Bottom Loading Coupler
  • Ideal for Converting Top-Loading Rack to Bottom-Loading Configuration

Technical Features

Materials Carbon Steel/Aluminum
Seals Low-Temp Flurocarbon
Working Pressure 80 PSI (5.5 Bar)
Test Pressure 120 PSI (8.2 Bar)
Operating Temperature -20ºF to 140ºF (-29ºC to 60ºC)
Up/Down Angular Movement 45º to -15ºC (from horizontal)
Typical Horizontal Spacing 24" (610 mm)
Typical Vertical Spacing 18" (457 mm)
Typical Reach (Radius) 60" to 72" (1,524 mm to 1,829 mm)
Nominal Diameter 4"
Typical Flow Rates (Velocities < 15 ft/sec (7.5 m/sec)) 300-600 GPM (2000-3500 LPM)
Weight ~275 lbs*
*Estimated weight for entire Loading Arm (72" Reach). Weight can vary depending on selected options.

Materials of Construction

Inlet Flange 4" 150 ANSI ASTM A105
Inlet Swivel

Carbon Steel ASTM A105

Primary Arm Piping

Sch 40 Aluminum ASTM B241

Apex Swivel (p/n 3640FT-0402)

Aluminum ASTM B26 A356 T6

Drop Hoses

(L19080) Braided Stainless Steel, TTMA Ends

(L19080) Braided Stainless Steel, TTMA Ends

Coupler Swivel (p/n 3635FTH-0402)

Aluminum ASTM B26 A356 T6

Isolation Valve (LBV450VGL)

Cast Aluminum/Flurocarbon

Spacer Spool (p/n VSS4)

Cast Aluminum AA601

API Coupler (p/n 1004D3, Lynx852VG)


Additional Information

Weld Procedure  Per the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Section IX
Radiograph/X-Ray Per OPW Standard, 5% random/factory lot
Testing All assembled Loading Arms shall be tested to 1.5X the rated design pressure.
Surface Treatments All Carbon Steel components to be protected with a 2-part paint process. Aluminum components to be unpainted.
Lubricant OPW 880 High-Performance Synthetic Lubricant
Gasketing KlingerSil C5400

Recommended Spare Parts List**

Part # Description Where Used Qty/Arm
3000RK-0402 3000 Series Swivel Seal Kit, 4" Flurocarbon All Swivels (Counterbalance, Apex, Coupler Swivels) 4
1004D3SRK-0402 Coupler Seal Repair Kit, 4" Flurocarbon 1004D3-0402 (API Coupler) 1
API850VGSK Coupler Seal Repair Kit, 4" Flurocarbon Lynx852VG (API Coupler) 1
**Other seal kits/materials available upon request
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -