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45° Weld Elbows - B2WK

45° Weld Elbows - B2WK

Vendor: Bradford

Coupling Type: Holedall & Sanitary Fittings


45° Weld Elbows - B2WK

Coupling Category:

Tube OD Elbows / Sanitary Couplings

Service ratings are based on hydrostatic tests using standard-molded Buna-N material gaskets, with proper installation of ferrules, assembly of joints and absence of shock pressure.
All ratings shown are dependent upon related components within the systems and proper installation.
For temperatures above 250°F, we recommend using only 13MHP clamps.
This information is only valid if Bradford™ clamps, ferrules and gaskets are used.

Bradford™ tube O.D. fittings are manufactured to very high tolerances.
Some fittings are manufactured using a hydroforming method, which makes a more uniform part that is easier to weld and polish.
Dixon Sanitary provides tube O.D. fittings in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.
This combination of versatility and quality is unsurpassed in our industry.

Tube O.D. Dimension Nominal Wall 304 Part Number 316L Part Number
¾" .466 1.125 .065 --- B2WK-R75U
1" .625 1.500 .065 B2WK-G100U B2WK-R100U
1½" .937 2.250 .065 B2WK-G150U B2WK-R150U
2" 1.250 3.000 .065 B2WK-G200U B2WK-R200U
2½" 1.562 3.750 .065 B2WK-G250U B2WK-R250U
3" 1.875 4.500 .065 B2WK-G300U B2WK-R300U
4" 2.500 6.000 .083 B2WK-G400U B2WK-R400U
6" 3.750 9.000 .109 B2WK-G600U B2WK-R600U
8" 5.000 12.000 .120 B2WK-G800U B2WK-R800U
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -