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Super Mark IX

Super Mark IX

Vendor: Synflex®

Coupling Type: Hydraulic Couplings & Adapters


Hose Coupling Swaging Machines and Tools

Coupling Category:

Designed to Attach Synflex Permanent Couplings to Synflex Hose

  • Synflex swaging equipment produces smooth, uniform coupling surfaces, without raised edges or ridges common in other coupling methods.
  • Complete range of coupling swaging pushers and dies, up to –16 size are ordered separately.

Mark IX

  • Fully automatic; opens dies to release completed coupling assembly
  • Fast actuation; capable of 5-second cycle time
  • Three power supply options for a broad range of production needs
  • Weight: 131 lbs (59.4kg). (option 1&2)

Option 1

1HP, 60Hz,115/208/230V Single Phase Motor; Medium Duty;
Part Number: 4530-009S0

Option 2

1HP, 60 Hz,230/460 V Three Phase Motor; Medium Duty;
Part Number: 4530-009S1

Option 3

For Heavy Duty, continuous high speed production assembly, the Mark IX (a) can be equipped with a high capacity power unit (b)

  • (a) Mark IX swaging machine without standard power supply.
    Part Number: 4530-009S4
  • (b) Commercial duty hydraulic power unit with 5HP three phase 230/460 volt motor, 5 gallon reservoir; 4.1 GPM displacement.
    Part Number: 453C-00020
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -