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TYPE 95 FOOD - Gray Cover

TYPE 95 FOOD - Gray Cover

Sanitary Food Grade     Sub Type: General Food Hose

Vendor: Thermoid


Type 95 Food hose has been engineered to handle sugar and flour bulk truck usage and other pneumatically conveyed non-fat food handling services. It has also been designed to handle a vacuum rating of 15 inches of mercury. Type 95 Food hose can be used for plastic pellets and powders where contamination is a problem. This hose complies with current FDA regulations regarding aqueous foods. Depending on the application, this hose can be furnished with or without a static wire. It also can be furnished with straight or enlarged ends. The 3/16" thick natural rubber tube and 1/16" thick SBR cover are both abrasion resistant. The two to three plies of reinforcement give this hose flexibility. The helical wire maintains the roundness of the hose.

Oil Resistance:  Limited


3/16" thick amber colored NR, non-toxic


Two to three plies of fabric with helical wire


1/16" thick gray SBR rubber – corrugated


-40°F to +160°F
-40°C to +71°C


50 ft. lengths maximum, for flour use 25 ft. maximum


Thermoid HBD Industries Type 95 Food Handling Hose Made In USA


Contact JGB for proper fitting recommendation and coupling procedure.



Product Number Nominal I.D. Nominal O.D. Plies Working Pressure Min. Bend Radius Weight Request a Quote
In. mm In. mm psi Mpa In. mm lb/ft kg/m
11454533502 3 75.20 3.88 98.43 2 15 0.10 18.00 457.20 2.20 3.27 Request Quote
11454534502 4 101.60 4.88 123.83 2 15 0.10 24.00 609.60 2.70 4.02 Request Quote
11454535502 5 127.00 6.00 152.40 3 15 0.10 30.00 762.00 3.40 5.06 Request Quote
11454536502 6 152.40 7.00 177.80 3 15 0.10 36.00 914.40 4.20 6.25 Request Quote
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -