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Jackson Industries
JACK-FLEX Heavy Wall Hose of Convoluted PTFE

  • Thermal Cycling
  • Transfer of almost all chemicals
  • Acid Transfer
  • Vibration Elimination
  • Sanitary Applications
  • Short Assembly Specification
  • Applications requiring high flexibility

Available as factory-built and tested assemblies only.

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Polypropylene braid cover and polypropylene flanges are also available. Please contact JGB Customer Service for additional information.

Construction: Jack-Flex is constructed from convoluted, heavy wall, seamless extruded white or black conductive PTFE tubing locked in a stainless steel braid. It offers the latest in hoses lined with PTFE with flared tubing. In this process, the convoluted tubing is passed through the flange retainer, and flared over the face of the flange, effectively isolating the flange from the transfer chemical. Jack-Flex is ideal for situations where internal corrosion of the fitting and contamination of the chemical is not tolerable.

Flanges for assembly are available in carbon steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel.

  • Internal corrosion of fittings eliminated.
  • No metallic contamination of transfer chemical from fitting.
  • Simplified installation - no gaskets required. Seal is made on flare.
  • Helical design of hose aids draining and cleaning.
  • Suitable for thermal cycling or steam applications - will not delaminate.
  • Reduced energy losses through fitting gives higher flow rates.
  • Eliminates crevice corrosion from flange in hose.

Temperature Rating: -65° F (-54°C) to +450°F (+230°C)

Part Number Nominal
Hose I.D.
Request Quote
Request Quote
White Black I.D. O.D.
JF-12 JFB-12 0.78" 1.08" 425 PSI 1700 PSI 3.0" Request Quote Request Quote
JF-16 JFB-16 0.97" 1.36" 350 PSI 1400 PSI 4.0" Request Quote Request Quote
JF-20 JFB-20 1.32" 1.70" 330 PSI 1350 PSI 5.5" Request Quote Request Quote
JF-24 JFB-24 1.49" 1.85" 275 PSI 1100 PSI 7.0" Request Quote Request Quote
JF-32 JFB-32 1.92" 2.43" 250 PSI 1000 PSI 8.5" Request Quote Request Quote
JF-48 JFB-48 2.91" 3.80" 100 PSI 400 PSI 12.0" Request Quote Request Quote
JF-64 JFB-64 3.92" 4.95" 100 PSI 400 PSI 18.0" Request Quote Request Quote
All pressures calculated at 70°F. For applications involving higher temperatures, please contact JGB Customer Service.
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -