Gates C7SNCDL Hydraulic Hose SAE 100R7


This hose has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please contact JGB for a comparable replacement.

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Gates Hydraulic Hose 
Gates C7SNCDL Hydraulic Hose SAE 100R7

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Application:Recommended for petroleum, water base and synthetic hydraulic fluids. Applications include: power and telephone mobile equipment (cherry pickers), lubrication lines, blowout preventer control lines, hydraulic lifts and farm construction machinery.
   Tube:100% seamless nylon that easily handles a broad range of hydraulic fluids, including phosphate esters and water glycol.
   Reinforcement:Single polyester braid.
   Cover:Black or orange urethane that resists hydraulic fluids, high temperatures, aging and weathering. Perforated for use in general hydraulic and pneumatic service.
Temperature:-65°F to +200°F (-54° to +93°C) continuous service for petroleum and synthetic oils. Maximum of +158°F (+70°C) for water, water/oil emulsions and water glycol.
Branding:Gates® C7SNCDL
Couplings:Swage PCTS couplings
MegaCrimp® Couplings
(Orange Cover)
Description Part No.
(25’ Length)
Part No.
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Pressure (psi)
Min. Burst
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Carton Length (Ft.)
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4C7SNCDL 85638 70751 4472-0060 1/4 0.51 2,750 11,000 1.3 250 Request Quote
6C7SNCDL 85647 70753 4472-0075 3/8 0.66 2,250 9,000 2 250 Request Quote
8C7SNCDL 85648 70754 4472-0085 1/2 0.82 2,000 8,000 3 250 Request Quote