Gates C5C Hydraulic Hose - SAE 100R5

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Gates Hydraulic Hose 
Gates C5C Hydraulic Hose - SAE 100R5
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Application:Medium pressure hydraulic petroleum-based oil lines in impulse applications, lube oil, air and water in applications such as air brakes, power steering (CAUTION: Intended for heavy duty commercial vehicle use only), turbocharger oil supplies, tilt cab cylinders, transmission coolant and filtration lines. Meets or exceeds requirements of SAE 100R5 for traditional hydraulic applications, DOT FMVSS 106-74 Type AII and SAE J1402 Type AII for air brake applications (-4 to -12). Not recommended for gasoline or diesel fuel.
   Tube:-4 and -5: black, oil and heat resistant synthetic rubber (Neoprene - Type A); -6 through -40: (Nitrile - Type C).
   Reinforcement:One braid of high-tensile carbon steel wire over one braid of polyester.
   Cover:Black, oil and mildew resistant, polyester braid.
Branding:Gates® C5C
Couplings:C5 Field Attachable Couplings
Category:Medium Pressure
 Temperature: Under SAE 100R5 (hydraulic) conditions -40°F to +212°F (-40°C to +100°C).
All-purpose fleet application (hot lube oil lines) -40°F to +300°F -40°C to +149°C).
Air to +160°F (+71°C) only.
Avoid continuous use at maximum temperature concurrent with maximum working pressures.
Description Product No. Hose ID Hose OD Working Pressure Min Burst Pressure Min Bend Radius Request Quote
in. in. psi psi in.
4C5CXREEL3658-17753/160.523,00012,0003.0Request Quote
5C5CXREEL3658-17761/40.583,00012,0003.4Request Quote
6C5CXREEL3658-17775/160.672,2509,0004.0Request Quote
8C5CXREEL3658-177813/320.772,0008,0004.6Request Quote
10C5CXREEL3658-17791/20.921,7507,0005.5Request Quote
12C5CXREEL3658-17805/81.081,5006,0006.5Request Quote
16C5CXREEL3658-17817/81.238003,2007.4Request Quote
20C5CXCTN3658-17581 1/81.506252,5009.0Request Quote
24C5CXCTN3658-17591 3/81.755002,00010.5Request Quote
32C5CXCTN3658-17601 13/162.223501,40013.3Request Quote
40C5CXCTN3658-17612 3/82.883501,40024.0Request Quote
NOTE: Federal law requires registration with the Department of Transportation for anyone producing air brake hose assemblies with swaged or crimped fittings.