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Gates EFG5K Spiral Wire Hose - SAE 100R13

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Gates Hydraulic Hose 
Gates EFG5K Spiral Wire Hose - SAE 100R13
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Application:Extremely high-pressure hydraulic applications. EFG5K is designed to meet all requirements of SAE 100R13 specifications and performance requirements of EN 856 4SH (-16 and -20), EN 856 4SP (-8, -10, and -12) and EN 856 R13. Compatible with biodegradable hydraulic fluids like polyolester, polyglycol and vegetable oil as well as standard petroleum-based fluids.
(Meets Flame Resistance Acceptance Designation "MSHA 2G")
For Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluids
   Tube:Black, oil resistant, synthetic rubber (Nitrile - Type C).
   Reinforcement:Four (six for -20) alternating layers of spiraled, high-tensile steel.
   Cover:Black, oil resistant, synthetic rubber (Neoprene - Type A). Blue stripe with red print layline. Available with unique abrasion-resistant MegaTuff® cover.
Temperature:-40°F to +250°F (-40°C to +121°C)
Branding:Gates® EFG5K
Couplings:GlobalSpiral™ Couplings
Lengths:Available in 121’ through 200’ continuous lengths.
Category:Extremely High Pressure
Description Product No. Hose ID Hose OD Working Pressure Min Burst Pressure Min Bend Radius Request Quote
in. in. psi psi in.
6EFG5KXCTN4651-14243/80.805,00020,0005.0Request Quote
8EFG5KXCTN4651-13721/20.955,00020,0007.0Request Quote
8EFG5KXLL4651-16121/20.955,00020,0007.0Request Quote
10EFG5KXCTN4651-13405/81.095,00020,0008.0Request Quote
10EFG5KXLL4651-13905/81.095,00020,0008.0Request Quote
12EFG5KXCTN4651-12853/41.245,00020,0009.5Request Quote
12EFG5KXLL4651-13913/41.265,00020,0009.5Request Quote
16EFG5KXCTN4651-128611.535,00020,00012.0Request Quote
16EFG5KXLL4651-139211.535,00020,00012.0Request Quote
20EFG5KXCTN4651-12871 1/41.975,00020,00016.5Request Quote
20EFG5KXLL4651-13931 1/41.975,00020,00016.5Request Quote
24EFG5KXCTN4651-14551 1/22.265,00020,00020.0Request Quote
24EFG5KXLL4651-22081 1/22.265,00020,00020.0Request Quote
32EFG5KXCTN4651-145622.805,00020,00025.0Request Quote
32EFG5KXLL4651-005922.805,00020,00025.0Request Quote