Dixon Air King Clamps

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Plated Iron  
Dixon Air King Clamps
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Air Fittings Dixon - Air Fittings 

• Torque values for clamps are based on dry bolts.
The use of lubricant on bolts will adversely effect clamp performance. Safety Alert - Hose, Couplings, and Hose Assemblies

Plated Iron
Size (in) Hose O.D. (in) Torque 1 Part #
From: To:
3/8 44/64 56/64 6 CD 3
1/2 1 1-12/64 6 A4
3/4 1-8/64 1-20/64 21 A9 3
1 1-20/64 1-32/64 21 A10 2,3
1 1-32/64 1-52/64 21 A14
1  recommended torque rating in ft. lbs.
2  can be used with AM6 and AM11
3  global investment cast carbon steel

Safety Alert - Hose, Couplings, and Hose Assemblies  "Air King" is for air and water service only. Warning: never use any "Air King" coupling for steam service! None of Dixon’s catalog information is to be interpreted to mean that this type of coupling is suitable for use on steam hose.