Dixon Brass Electrical All-Fog Nozzle

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NST (NH)  
Dixon Brass Electrical All-Fog Nozzle
Coupling CategoryManufacturer 
Fire Equipment Dixon - Fire Equipment (Powhatan) 

Safety Alert - Hose, Couplings, and Hose Assemblies Nozzle should be used in excess of 10 ft. from electrical apparatus and circuits not involving more than 250,000 volts.

  • no straight stream
  • from shut off to 30° fog, adjustable thru 90° fog
  • supplied with bumper
  • Underwriters Listed for Class C fires and Factory Mutual approved
  • for use up to 100 PSI (water only) at ambient temperature (70°F)

Size Thread 90° Spray
100 PSI
Part #
Part #
1-1/2" NST (NH) 90 BFNE150NST 02-463-00001