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Dry Bulk Products Dixon Dixon Bayco / Pneuclean Pneumatic Filtration System
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The PneucleanT unit is designed to remove microscopic particles generated by blowers during pneumatic conveying of contaminant-sensitive dry bulk products. Contaminants such as iron and hydrocarbons are produced by blowers and can adversely affect dry products such as plastic pellets and food materials.

These filter units are typically used on dry bulk tanker trucks and placed after the blower and before the bulk storage tanker. This in-line pneumatic system is also suitable for industrial applications or wherever microscopic filtration (up to 4 microns) of impurities is required.

In-Line High Pressure Air Filtration for 4" Air Lines
  • Redesigned heavy duty aluminum canister
  • Easy to inspect and service
  • Noise reduction filter reduces noise by 13.8 db at 600 CFM
  • FDA medium with 99.99% maximum efficiency at 4 microns
  • Maximum air flow 1000 CFM's
  • Back pressure: .05 PSI
  • Quick release V clamp for easy inspection
  • Overall weight 26 lbs.

Complete PneucleanT Canister Filter Systems
Part # Description
PC5000 schedule 40 pipe inlet and outlet
PC5000AA 4" cam and groove adapter inlet and outlet
PC5000VV 4" victaulic inlet and outlet
PC5000TTTE 4" TTMA inlet and 4" threaded male 90 outlet

Replacement Parts
Part # Description
PC5001 PneucleanT filter element
PC5003 Mounting bracket (2 required)
PC5004 Lid V clamp
PC5005 Lid O-ring
PC5006 Bottom gasket
PC5007 Lid
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