Multipurpose Fuel Transfer Hose

Transporter ® Vapor-Loc Tank Truck Hose

TRANSPORTER ® VAPOR-LOC TANK TRUCK HOSE -  Multipurpose Fuel Transfer Hose
Find Out More About the Newest in Vapor Barrier Hose Technology and How to Reduce Fuel Loss By 90-99%!

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TRANSPORTER ® VAPOR-LOC TANK TRUCK Multipurpose Fuel Transfer Hose

With its unique, multi-layered permeation barrier system, VAPOR-LOC Tank Truck Hose is unlike any other bulk transport hose product available, today.

Through the use of this exclusive VAPOR-LOC manufacturing process, this hose dramatically reduces atmospheric petroleum emissions, reduces fuel lost through permeation and virtually eliminates smelly fuel odors and more.

This hose is rated at full vacuum. It provides a constant working pressure of 150 and/or 200 psi. It is exceptionally lightweight, very flexible and handles easily.

This hose is ideal for use in rough, outdoor conditions. VAPOR-LOC Tank Truck Hose is highly recommended for use with most petroleum products, various types of fats/oils, hydraulic fluids and some chemicals.

Main Features Product Benefits

VAPOR-LOC ... multi-layered, barrier film construction

Smooth Cover - NBR/PVC
Corrugated Cover - CR, MSH A

NBR Tube - RMA Class A

2-Ply synthetic textile plies with steel wire helix reinforcement

Working Temperature Range
-30°F to +200°F
-34°C to +93°C

Hose Coupling Configurations

100 ft. Lengths

1"-4" I.D.
200 psi, Vacuum Rating - Full (30"Hg) -- 1"- 1-1/4" I.D.
50psi, Vacuum Rating - Full (30" Hg) -- 1-1/2"-4" I.D.


NBR, RMA Class A


Smooth - NBR/PVC
Corrugated - CR, MSHA


Spiral steel wire helix(es) between synthetic textile plies


Unique, 3-ply, multi-layer vapor barrier
-30°F to +200°F
-34° C to +93° C
Swaged, crimped, internally expanded or banned shank types
1"-4" I.D. -100 ft. maximum
Thermoid® VAPOR-LOC TANK TRUCK 150/200 W.P.,Made In USA HBD /Thermoid, Inc. Caution Statement
Medium-high to High

Product NumberNominal IDNominal ODPliesWorking PressureMin.Bend RadiusWeightRequest a Quote
17814811002 1 25.40 1.53 38.86 2 2001.38 2.5063.50 0.610.91 Request Quote
17814812002 1-1/431.75 1.8044.72 2 2001.38 3.0076.20 0.771.14 Request Quote
17814813002 1-1/238.10 2.0451.82 2 1501.03 4.50114.30 0.881.31 Request Quote
17814814002 250.802.5464.5221501.036.00152.401.141.69Request Quote
178148150022-1/263.503.1078.7421501.037.50190.501.622.41Request Quote
17814816002376.203.6091.442150 1.03 9.00 228.601.892.81 Request Quote
178148180024101.604.68118.8721501.0312.00304.802.734.06Request Quote

Product NumberNominal ID Nominal OD PliesWorking Pressure Min.Bend Radius WeightRequest a Quote
17814712002250.8 2.4862.99 2 1501.035 127.0 1 .00 1.49Request Quote
17814714002376.23.5389.66 2 1501.036 152.4 1.692.52Request Quote
17814716002 4101.6 4.60116.8421501.03 8 203.2 2.413.59Request Quote

Transporter VAPOR-LOC Tank Truck Hose - Multipurpose Fuel Transfer HoseThis chart demonstrates just how effective the barrier VAPOR-LOC process is in stopping fuel vapor permeation.

Shown are the test results of the amount of fuel vapor in grams per day lost for two gasoline fuel types (see chart) over a forty day period in a side by side comparison of our 2" I.D.

Transporter VAPOR-LOC Tank Truck Hose versus seven other identical size fuel tank truck hose products available from competitive sources.


Fuel/Vapor Permeation Rate/Loss Comparison
- ASTM Reference Fuel C
Gasoline/Ethanol Blend (10% ethanol) - ASTM Reference Fuel C E-10
Testing vapor loss permeation rate in temperatures
ranging from 72° F/22.2° C up to +104° F/+40° C

Fuel / Vapor Permeation Rate / Loss Comparison - Multipurpose Fuel Transfer Hose
Test Results Using 2" I.D. Petroleum Tank Track Hose

Illustrated Hose Construction

TRANSPORTER ® VAPOR-LOC TANK TRUCK - Illustrated Hose Construction


Thermoid VAPOR-LOC manufacturing process - Multipurpose Fuel Transfer HoseVAPOR-LOC ... the newest, most innovative and cost effective hydrocarbon fuel vapor barrier hose technology available, today.

The exclusive VAPOR-LOC multi-layering manufacturing process (patent pending) virtually traps and prevents hydrocarbon fuel vapors from permeating through the hose.

As shown in the hose illustration above, the VAPOR-LOC manufacturing process integrates a multi-layer vapor resistant barrier between the hose's components virtually locking in the hydrocarbon fuel vapors that would normally permeate through a traditional hose construction.

Thermoid's VAPOR-LOC process will be made available on other fuel hoses, making these the best fuel saving and environmentally effective hose products on the market.

The reduction of hydrocarbon pollution emissions into the atmosphere, improved use of available fuel resources and the overall fuel cost savings created by the use of hoses with our VAPOR-LOC process will benefit everyone.

Shown below are some facts about current hydrocarbon fuel lost in the United States :

  • In the US, 190 billion gallons of fuel (gasoline, diesel, etc.) are yearly*
  • About 10-18 grams of fuel per gallon is lost through permeation through fuel hose products**
  • Using the 10 gram figure from above, this means about .33% of the fuel is lost per gallon
  • Volume-wise that is 627 million gallons of fuel lost yearly in the United States
  • At an average cost of $3.00 per gallon, this 627 MILLION GALLONS of lost fuel equals $1.88 Billion


The total VAPOR-LOC Hose system would save 90-99% of fuel lost presently through permeation

* SIGMA 2006 STATISTICAL REPORT - Members' Operations, Sales and Service during 2005; Published by Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America - 02/2006.

** THE BIG WASTE - Research study published by Dr. Mark Deluchi & Associates - University of California (Berkeley, CA); Information reprinted from Crude Awakening: The Oil Mess in Americas, Jack Doyle/Friends of the Earth, Washington, D.C. -1994.