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Custom Hose Assemblies Available

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Custom Hose Assemblies

Air / Water Hose

Textile Air Hose Assemblies
Wire Braid Bull Hose (Compressor Hose)
Jack Hammer Hoses
Gas Station Air Hose
Oxygen Lance Hose
Pneumatic Air Hose
Water Hose
Air Hose
Nitrogen Pin Pricked Hose
Push On Air Hose
PVC Air Hose
Air Nailer Hose
Compressor Hose
Mine Spray Hose
Rock Drill Hose
Hard Rock Hose
Push On Hose
Oxy / Acetalne Hose Twin Welding
Twinline Welding
Grade T  And R Welding Single Line
Ag Spray EPDM
Whip Hoses
Shop Air Hose
Eagle Air Hose
Eagle Hammer Hose
The Perfect Water Hose PWH
Contractors Rubber Hose
Eagle Contractors Water Hose
PVC Garden Hose
Rubber Garden Hose
Wash Machine Hose
Hot Water Hose
Washdown Hose
Creamery Hose
Coil Hose
Signal Call Hose
Spa Hoses
Pool VAC Hose
Soaker Hose

Steam Hose

Steam Oil Resistant Hose
Steam  EPDM Hose
Metal Lined Steam Hose
Railcar Unloading Steam Hose
Rockpile Steam

Chemical Hose

Acid Unloading Hose
Cross Link Polyethylene Hose
Teflon Rubber Hose
Ultra High Molecular Hose
Frac Acidizing Hose
PTFE Unloading Hose
Teflon/Stainless Steel Braided
Teflon Convoluted Hose
Eagle Chem Hose
Hydrochloric Unloading Hose
DEF Transfer Hose
Clean In Place (CIP Hose)
Anhydrous Ammonia Hose NH3
Caustic Soda Transfer
Sulfuric Acid Transfer

Food Grade Hoses

Dry Bulk FDA Commodity Hose
Food Grade Hose
Sugar Transfer Liquid Sweeteners
Filling Hoses
Keg Filler Hoses
Milk Unloading Hoses
Ice Cream Transfer
Wine  Transfer And Suction Hose
Brewery  Hose
Purple Snake Hose
Brewline Hose
Vintner Hose
Fluor Unloading Hose
Fish Hose
Juice Hose
Clear Milk 3 A USDA Hose
Crush Proof Transfer And Suction Hose
Eaglechem Hose
White Creamery Hose
Food Transfer Hose

Fuel Oil Hose Assemblies

Fuel Oil Delivery Hose
Curb Pump Hose
Hewitt Refueling Hoses
Aviation Refueling
Jet Refueling Hose
API1529 Refueling Hose
Jac Riser Refueling Hose
Liquid Propane Gas LPG Hoses
Fuel Dock Unloading Hose
Cargo Unloading Hose
Frac Unloading Hose
Frac Arc Unloading
Tank Truck Hose
Bob Tail Connector Hose ( Steel And Textile)
Ship To Shore Hose
Oil Vac Hose
Oilflex Hose
Eagle Tank Hose
Diesel Hose
Farm Tank Hose ( Static Wire)
Flex Wing Hose Fuel Hose
Softwall Marine
Hardwall Marine Hose
Twin Sensing Hose
Ethanol Drop Hose
Gravity Drop Lightweight
Gravity Drop Rubber
Vapor Recovery
Vapor Assist Hose
Ethanol Transfer Hose
Propane Tank Hose

Fire Suppersion and Fire Hose

Jacket Fire Hose
Single Jacket Polyether Fire Hose
FM UL Fire Hose Jacketed
Double Jacket Polyester Fire Hose
Rubber Cover Fire Hose
Main Line Fire Hose
Booster Hose
UL 92
Fire Extinguisher Hose
Rack And Reel Fire Hose
Rack Hose
Forestry Hose
Drafting Hose
Fire Engine Booster Hose
Hard Suction Hose

Material Handling Hose

Cement Unloading Hose
Hot Air Blower
High Abrasion Vacuum Hose
WE Clear With Static Wire For Pellets
Urethane Hose
Corrugated Vacuum Hose
Anti-Static Suction Hose
Dry Bulk Material Handling
Rubber Hot Tar And Asphalt
Hand Hose
Metal Hot Tar Asphalt
Dry VAC Hose
Wet VAC HoseSmart Hoses
Wirebraid Concrete Pump Hose
Textile Concrete Pump Hose
Layflat Concrete Pump Hose
Grout Hose
Shotcrete Hose
Gunite Hose
2Ply Sandblast Hose
4Ply Sandblast Hose
Polyurethane Lined Vacuum Hose – Uremat

Water Pump and Large Diameter Hose

Green PVC Suction
Hard Rubber Suction
Eagle Pump Water Suction
Composite Hose
Eagle Composite Hose
Wilcox Composite Hose
Rubber Discharge
Eagle Nitrile Discharge
4 Ply Rubber Discharge Water
Contractors Water Suction
Blue PVC Discharge
Red Heavy Duty Discharge
Gray PVC Discharge
Ironsides Discharge
Mine Dewatering Hose
Kanaline Hose SR
Clear And Orange Suction
Eagle OS & D
Cargo Hose 250
Polyurethane through the Weave TPU
Snaptite Nitrile
Aquaduct Discharge
Wellmaster Hose

Metal Hoses

Steel Braided Metal
HVAC Offset Hose
Metal Expansion Joints
Metal Steam Hose
Metal Asphalt Hose
Monel Hose
Bronze Braided
Single Braid Metal Hose
Double Braided Metal Hose
Hot Oil Metal Hose
GSM Steel Mill Metal Hose
GSM Hose
Extraflex Metal Hose
High Pressure Metal Hose
Steel Braided  Flex Connectors
Metal Vibrations Displacement Hose
Corrugated Metal Hose
Duplex Metal Hose


Fume Exhaust
Heater Ducting
Silicone Ducting
HVAC Ducting
Air Ducting
Blower Ducting
Leaf Blower Hose

Automotive Hose

Silicone Heater Hose
Preformed Hose
Heater Hose
Coolant Hose

Hydraulic Hose

1 Wire Braid
2 Wire Braid
4 Wire Braid
Cotton Cover Medium Pressure
4 Wire High Pressure
6 Wire High Pressure (Ultra High)
Pile Driving Hose
Rotary Drilling Hose
Phosphate Esther Hose
Caterpillar Hose
Long Mine Coal Hose
BOP Blow Off Preventer Hose
Kelly Hose
Thermoplastic High Pressure
4SH Hose
4SH Extraflex
Hot Oiler Hose Eagle
Return Line
100r 4 Return Line
High Impulse
Vibratory Hose
Pile Driver Hose
Sewer Jetting Hose
100R7 Single and Dual Line Nonconductive Orange
100R8 Single Thermoplastic
Spiral Braided Hydraulic Hose
Wire Braided Hydraulic Hose
AQP Hoses
High Pressure High Temp
Super Flexible Hydraulic Hose
High Abrasion Hydraulic Hose
Flame Resistant High Pressure
Jack Hose
Freon Hose
Steering Line Hose
Jaws Of Life Hose
Fork Lift Hose
Cherry Picker Hose

Tuff Cover High Pressure Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

Sae 100R1
Sae 100R2
Sae 100R3
Sae 100R4
Sae 100R5
Sae 100R6
Sae 100R7
Sae 100R8
Sae 100R9
Sae 100R11
Sae 100R12
Sae 100R13
Sae 100R14
Sae 100R15
Sae 100R16
Sae 100R17
Sae 100R18
Sae 100R19

Snowmaking Hose

Avalanche Softline Snowmaking Hose
Stinger Hardline Snowmaking Hose

Pressure Washer Hose all Grades and Pressures/Waterblast Hose

Sandblast Hoses and Related Hose
Concrete Pumping Hose
Grout Hose
Wire Braided Concrete Hose
Textile Concrete Placement Hose
1 Wire Pressure Wash Hose
2 Wire Pressure Wash Hose
Combination Hose
Non Marking Pressure Wash Hose
High Pressure Waterblast Hose
Ultra High Pressure Waterblast Hose
Thermoplastic Waterblast Hose

Paint Spray Hose

Airless Paint Spray Hose
Fluid Hose
High Pressure Airless Paint Spray

Specialty Hose

Pittsburgh Furnace Door Hose
Furnace Door Hose
GSM Steel Mill Hose

Military Hose Assemblies (MILSPEC HOSE Hose Assemblies)
MIL-PRF-11588G Type III&IV
MIL-PRF-11588G Type III & IV
MIL-PRF-370H Type I
Mil-Prf-370 Type C Tan Layflat Fuel
MIL-PRF-370H Type II
USDA Fire Suction & Discharge
5100-184b Nov 1979 Revision 2 Dec 1982
ZZ-H-561K Grade B Class 1
ZZ-H-561K Grade B Class 2
ZZ-H-561K Grade A Class 1
ZZ-H-561K Grade A Class 2
Type II with no Static Wire
Type I with Static Wire
MIL-DTL-20176G Type I & Type II
MIL-H-17902 F (SH) Type CC
MIL-H-17902 F (SH) Type NC
ZZ-H-601 E Grade 1 Class 1
ZZ-H-601 E Grade 1 Class 2
ZZ-H-601 E Grade 3 Class 2
API 1529/98 5th Edition Type C Grade 1
API 1529/98 5th Edition Type C Grade 2
BS EN1361:1997 Type E SW-344
Metal Line Steam hose
Type B Hard Wall Fuel Suction and Discharge
Potable Water Transfer
Sargent Fletcher Air to Air Refueling

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