JGB Enterprises, Inc. Named to Industrial Distribution’s Big 50 List

October 29, 2012

List Honors 50 Largest Industrial Distributors around the Globe

We are pleased to announce that JGB Enterprises, Inc. is honored to have been included in this year’s Big 50 List as compiled by Industrial Distribution, placing JGB Enterprises, Inc. 50 out of the fifty companies.

Each year, Industrial Distribution, the trusted voice of distribution for over 100 years, publishes its annual Big 50 List. This highly anticipated list, published each September, recognizes the fifty largest distributors in the industrial market across the world, ranking them in order of revenue. Our inclusion in the list exemplifies our commitment to excellence year after year, and we are honored to be a part of this endeavor.

“The Big 50 List is the single most important project that we produce each year at Industrial Distribution,” says Eric Wixom, Industrial Distribution’s Publisher. “The Big 50 List not only provides an excellent resource for the companies in the industry, allowing them to benchmark their progress from year to year and against other distributors, but it also provides a fantastic way for the rest of us in the industry to gain a high-level overview on the health of the industry itself.”

Anna Wells, Executive Editor of the publication, adds that working with the distributors themselves to compile this list is both a great challenge and a great reward each year. “The Big 50 List is a chance for us to really take the pulse of both the industry and the distributors that we deal with throughout the year. Having a time at least once every year that we can touch base with individual companies and hear from them on what their triumphs and struggles have been in the previous twelve months really helps to put the rest of the industry and the rest of the year in solid focus. We would like to congratulate each of the companies included in the list – and those that were close, as well—for their hard work and persevering attitudes in a time when the industry is changing rapidly.”

The Big 50 List is compiled by revenue from worldwide annual sales in USD. The information for the list is obtained through annual reports, earning statements, and company verifications for publicly traded companies. For private enterprises, the information is self-reported and verified by follow up interviews conducted by Industrial Distribution’s editors.

JGB Enterprises, Inc. - 2012

  Sales:   105 million
  CEO:   Robert G. Zywicki
  Headquarters:   Liverpool, NY
  Locations:   4
  Employees:   227


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