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JGB currently offers the following Hoses for Hydraulic Hose Applications:

Aeroquip FC735 Bruiser Double Wire Braid
Aeroquip FC736 Bruiser / Ultra Abrasion Resistant Cover / Four Spiral Wire
Aeroquip FC693 Double Wire Braid High Pressure EPDM Hose
Aeroquip FC332 AQP Low Pressure Socketless / Textile Braid
Aeroquip FC466 Textile Braid
Aeroquip FC498 Textile Braid
Aeroquip FC619 1/2 SAE bend / Wire inserted suction
Aeroquip FC318 Wire Inserted Suction
Aeroquip FC636 Four Spiral Wire High Pressure EPDM Hose
SAE 100R4 NRP Suction and Return

SAE 100R5 NRP 1-Wire Braid Textile Cover
Super Thunderblast 2 Ply Whip Hose
SUPERFLEX No. 2014 NRP Suction and Return
Synflex / 3000 Medium Pressure Hose
Synflex / 3130 Medium Pressure Hose
Synflex / 31B0 Medium Pressure Hose
Synflex / 31GW/ 32GW/ 34GW Grease Lubrication Hoses
Synflex / 31N0 Constant Pressure Hose
Synflex / 3420 Electrically Conductive Paint Spray Hose
Synflex / 3440 Moisture-Lok Hose
Synflex / 34BA Breathing Air Hose - Gas Transfer Hose
Synflex / 34PW Pure Water Hose
Synflex / 34WH 115 PSI Hot Water Hose
Synflex / 3580 Medium Pressure Hose
Synflex / 35NG Compressed Natural Gas CNG Hose
Synflex / 3770 Non-Conductive Twin-Line and Multi-Line Hose
Synflex / 37AL Non-Conductive Medium Pressure Hose
Synflex / 37B0 Medium Pressure Hose

Synflex / 3800 High Pressure Hose
Synflex / 3840 Non-Conductive High Pressure Hose
Synflex / 3R30 Low Pressure Hose
Synflex / 3R80 High Pressure Hose
Synflex / 3V10 Very High Pressure Hose
Synflex / 3VE0 Non-Conductive Very High Pressure Hose
Synflex / Eclipse Coil Air Products
Synflex / Spectra 30CT Constant Pressure Hose
Synflex / Synflex Taste-Rite Barrier Beverage Hose and Tubing
Thunderblast Sandblast Hose / 4 Ply
Waterblast WB10
Waterblast WB12
Waterblast WB15
Waterblast WB20