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PVC Check Valves T/S-655

PVC Check Valves T/S-655

Vendor: Legend Valve

Valve Type(s):
Thermoplastic Valves

Valve Category:

Thermoplastic Valves

Valve Subcategory

I.P.S. and Solvent Ends

LEGEND MODELS T-655 and S-655 PVC ball check valves are constructed of ASTM D1784 virgin UPVC resin. The ball seals by gravity in the vertical position and at 2 to 4 P.S.I. backpressure, in positions other than vertical. They can be easily converted to foot valves by the addition of an optional plastic screen. Recommended for commercial and industrial applications where backflow prevention is desired.

  • Ideal for swimming pool, process/wastewater or corrosive installations where the media or surrounding environment would otherwise attack a metallic valve
  • Fully-guided conical-ball design assures correct seal alignment and a positive seal, under low or high backpressures
  • Constructed using 100% virgin resins
  • Fits both Schedule 40 and 80 pipe
  • Can be converted to a foot valve by attaching the UPVC strainer (furnished separately)
  • Full port, uni-directional flow minimizes pressure drop
  • Single union end design eases installation. Both ends are either female pipe thread or solvent-weld socket
  • Ball-cone seals by gravity and backpressure in the vertical position (upward flow only) and by 2 to 4 psi backpressure in positions other than vertical
  • Not recommended for use with petroleum-based medias
  • Available in sizes 1/2" to 2", except for the 1-1/4" nominal size

• Manufactured in compliance with ASTM F1970
• Female solvent-weld socket dimensions comply with ASTM D 2466 (Schedule 40 ) and ASTM D 2467 (Schedule 80)
• Female pipe thread dimensions comply with ASTM F1498 (thermoplastic threads) and ANSI / ASME B1.20.1 where applicable
• Manufactured in an ISO accredited facility

Working Pressure, Non Shock (PSI)
Cold working pressure (CWP): 150 psi @ 73°F
Saturated steam (WSP): Not suitable for steam service
Maximum service temperature: 140°F

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PVC Check Valves T/S-655 Specifications and Dimensions

Material Specifications
No. Part Material Specification
1 Body UPVC resin ASTM D1784, Class 12454
2 Union nut UPVC resin ASTM D1784, Class 12454
3 End adapter UPVC resin ASTM D1784, Class 12454
4 Ball-cone UPVC resin ASTM D1784, Class 12454
5 Seal carrier UPVC resin ASTM D1784, Class 12454
6 Seat seal EPDM Commercial grade
7 Foot valve screen UPVC resin ASTM D1784, Class 12454
Size A B C A1 B1 C1
1/2" 3.66 1.97 0.51 5.39 2.4 0.51
3/4" 4.29 2.44 0.79 6.06 2.8 0.79
1" 4.8 2.84 0.99 6.65 3.27 0.99
1-1/2" 6.1 3.82 1.58 8.03 4.37 1.58
2" 7.01 4.21 1.97 9.49 4.88 1.97
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   Reproductive Harm -