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PVC Single Union Ball Valves T/S-645

PVC Single Union Ball Valves T/S-645

Vendor: Legend Valve

Valve Type(s):
Thermoplastic Valves

Valve Category:

Thermoplastic Valves

Valve Subcategory

I.P.S. and Solvent Ends

LEGEND MODELS T-645 AND S-645 PVC single union ball valves are constructed of ASTM D1784 virgin UPVC resin. They are an excellent alternative to true-union ball valves when only one union is needed. The union end is blocked with a bayonet-style lock, which facilitates ease of repair and/or maintenance. Full ports allow maximum flow and minimum pressure drop or turbulence. Recommended for commercial and industrial applications as a low-cost alternative to true-union ball valves.

Working Pressure, Non-Shock (PSI)
Cold working pressure (CWP): 150 @ 73°F

Maximum service temperature: 140°F

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PVC Single Union Ball Valves T/S-645 Specifications and Dimensions

Material Specification
No. Part Material
1 Handle ABS
2 Stem packing EPDM
3 Stem UPVC
4 Ball UPVC
5 Seats PTFE
6 Body UPVC
7 Union nut UPVC
8 End adapter UPVC
9 O-ring EPDM
Size A B C D
1/2" 3.78 2.76 0.51 3.07
3/4" 4.41 3.31 0.71 3.62
1" 4.81 3.90 0.91 3.94
1-1/4" 5.52 4.53 1.18 4.33
1-1/2" 5.91 5.44 1.50 4.77
2" 7.21 6.58 1.89 5.79
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   Reproductive Harm -