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Grey PVC Compact Ball Valves T/S-602

Grey PVC Compact Ball Valves T/S-602

Vendor: Legend Valve

Valve Type(s):
Thermoplastic Valves

Valve Category:

Thermoplastic Valves

Valve Subcategory

Ball Valves - I.P.S. and Solvent Ends

LEGEND MODELS T-602 AND S-602 PVC compact ball valves are constructed of ASTM D1784 virgin UPVC resin. They may be installed on schedule 80 or 40 PVC pipe. Their large ports allow maximum flow and minimum pressure drop or turbulence. Severe shock loads and stress are absorbed by the valve body, not the ball and seats, thereby minimizing the chance of uneven wear and leakage. Recommended for commercial and industrial applications as a low-cost alternative to true-union ball valves. All sizes are NSF 61-9 certified for use in potable water systems.

Maximum service temperature: 140°F
May be used on schedule 40 or 80 PVC pipe.
Working Pressure, Non Shock (PSI)
Cold working pressure (CWP): 150 PSI @ 73° F

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Grey PVC Compact Ball Valves T/S-602 Specifications and Dimensions

Material Specifications
No. Part Material
1 Handle ABS
2 Stem o-ring EPDM
3 Stem UPVC
4 Ball UPVC
5 Seats PTFE
6 Body UPVC
7 Handle retaining screw Zinc plated steel
Size A B C D
1/2" 3.25 2.50 .55 3.13
3/4" 3.80 3.13 .77 3.50
1" 4.19 3.75 .97 4.00
1-1/4" 4.25 4.00 1.14 4.00

   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -