Spirstar - HOSE TYPE 6/2 DuraLife Flex

Vendor: Spirstar
Category: Hydraulic Hose
Category: Water Hose    Sub Type: Water Blast Hose


Heat exchanger tube cleaning


Pressure test equipment (valves, tooling and control panels), hydraulic tools (instrumentation packages for gauges, control of service equipment, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic tools)

   Tube:Polyoxymethylene (POM)
   Reinforcement:2 layers of high-tensile steel wire
   Cover:Polyamide (PA)
Temperature:-22°F to 140°F
Branding:SPIR STAR 6/2
Couplings:OnePiece FittingsŪ, Insert HP fitting, Steel Sleeve
Contact JGB for proper fitting recommendation and coupling procedure.

ID OD Working Pressure Burst Pressure Bend Radius Weight Request a Quote
0.25 inch 0.45 inch 15,950 psi 39,875 psi 4.33 inch 0.118 lbs/ft Request Quote

Available Fittings
Fitting Type Part # Thread Material Hose Part
Sleeve 10620101 - Steel -
10620105 - AISI 16Ti -
OnePiece Fittings® with wrench size 30620461Q 1/4"x18NPTF Steel 30620462/1Q
30620361Q G1/4" Steel 30620462/1Q
HP fitting 40620205A 9/16"x18UNF LH AISI 316Ti -
Male fitting 30620411A 1/8"x27NPTF Steel -
30620401A 1/4"x18NPTF Steel -
30620405A 1/4"x18NPTF AISI 316Ti -
30620451A 3/8"x18NPTF Steel -
30620041A M10x1 Steel -
Male fitting 60° internal cone 30620311A G1/8" Steel -
30620341A G1/4" Steel -
30620321A G3/8" Steel -
Male fitting 100° external cone 30620361A G1/4" Steel -
Male fitting for USIT® Ring 30620391A G1/4" Steel -
30620351A G3/8" Steel -
Male fitting flat seal 30620381A G1/4" Steel -
Male fitting DIN3852 T2 form A 30620301A G1/4" Steel -
Female fitting NPT/NPTF 30620441A 1/4"x18NPTF Steel -
Female swivel 24°/60° 20620301A G1/4" Steel 50540301
20620305A G1/4" AISI 316Ti 50540305
20620101A M14x1,5 Steel 50540101
20620141A M16x1,5 Steel 50620121
20620145A M16x1,5 AISI 316Ti 50620125
Female swivel with O-Ring 20620241A M18x1,5 Steel 50620201
20620211A M22x1,5 Steel 51060201, 51060205
20620042A M24x1,5 Steel 51321206
Type M female swivel 20620641A 9/16"x18UNF Steel 50540601
20620645A 9/16"x18UNF AISI 316Ti 50540605
JIC female swivel S20630615A 9/16"x18UNF AISIzz316Ti S5063615