Hi-Tech / Duravent - ARTIC HEAT DUCT

Vendor: Hi-Tech / Duravent
Category: Ducting
Application:In the coldest environment, "AHD" remains pliable and heat effective. Extremely flexible. Resistant to mildew, acid, water and fire. Easily reshaped if accidentally crushed or flattened. The answer for portable heater applications.
   Tube:One Ply Canvas- Free Floating Inside Wire Helix. Metal Banded Ends.
Temperature:-60° to 300° F.
Lengths:25 Ft.
Category:Utility Blower Hose
Colors:Olive Drab
Options:Non-std lengths avail. Also avail. with Slip Loc or Latch Loc Couplers, Internal Self Stowage Device.

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Hi-Tech Duravent / ARTIC HEAT DUCT