Hi-Tech / Duravent - BLUE MAX 2NN-4

Vendor: Hi-Tech / Duravent
Category: Ducting
Application:The standard duct for high temperature air flow and fume removal. The internal ply of L-9 provides a smoother bore for maximum air flow, less friction loss.
   Tube:Two Ply Nylon-Neoprene Coated With Four additional Neoprene Coating .
Temperature:-40° to 250° F
Lengths:25 Ft.
Category:Special Purpose
Options:Variable quantity of dip coatings available for customer preference, i.e. 2NN-2 (two dip coats). Non-std ID and lengths avail. Cuffs avail.

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Hi-Tech Duravent / BLUE MAX 2NN-4