JGB Private Brand - Eagle Red PVC HD Discharge Hose

Eagle Red PVC HD Discharge Hose
Vendor: JGB Private Brand
Category: Large Diameter Hose (LDH)
Category: Lay Flat Hose
Category: Water Hose    Sub Type: Water Discharge Hose
Application:Designed for agricultural, quarry, irrigation, mining, construction and industrial applications.
   Tube:Premium Red PVC
   Reinforcement:Two spiral plies and longitudinal silk cords
   Cover:Premium Red PVC
Temperature:-10F to 150F
Packaging:Cut and coupled to length.
Couplings:Standard short shank aluminum, malleable or brass couplings, Steel Bauer

Part # ID Approx Wall Thickness WP Weight Request a Quote
in in psi lbs/ft
008-0241-0150I 1.5 0.075 150 0.20 Request Quote
008-0321-0150I 2 0.080 150 0.28 Request Quote
008-0481-0150I 3 0.095 150 0.54 Request Quote
008-0641-0125I 4 0.100 125 0.67 Request Quote
008-0961-0115I 6 0.105 115 1.25 Request Quote
008-1281-0070I 8 0.110 70 1.48 Request Quote
008-1926-0040I 12 0.112 40 2.43 Request Quote

Standard Size
(in x ft)
1-1/2x50 A008-0241-1650 A008-0241-3550
2x50 A008-0321-1650 A008-0321-3550
3x50 A008-0481-1650 A008-0481-3550
4x50 A008-0641-1650 A008-0641-3550
6x50 A008-0961-1650 A008-0961-3550

* Eagle Brand is a JGB Private Brand Hose