JGB Private Brand - Eagle EPDM 270 PSI Steam Hose

Eagle EPDM 270 PSI Steam Hose
Vendor: JGB Private Brand
Category: Steam Hose
Application:The transfer of saturated and superheated steam up to 270 PSI and max 450F in shipyards, chemical plants and industrial applications.

* Proper draining of steam hose after each use will increase service life.
* Not recommended for washdown applications where detergent or oils are present.


Handling steam is very hazardous. If it is not properly controlled it can cause property damage, injury or even death. Selection for the proper application, usage, and maintenance will not only increase hose life but will insure safe operation for the user.

   Tube:Black heat-resistant extruded EPDM. Not for steam cleaner use.
   Reinforcement:High tensile steel wire braids.
   Cover:Red heat-resistant EPDM rubber. Wrapped cover fabric impression. Pin-pricked cover to allow venting.
Temperature:-40F to +410F (Intermittent 450F)
Couplings:Contact JGB for proper fitting recommendation and coupling procedure.
Lengths:50 or 100 feet

Part # ID OD Min Bend Radius WP Weight Request Quote
in in in 68°F psi lbs
* 1/2 0.98 5 270 .29 Request Quote
* 3/4 1.26 7-1/2 270 .53 Request Quote
010-0161-0270I 1 1.50 10 270 .61 Request Quote
* 1-1/4 1.81 12-1/2 270 .86 Request Quote
* 1-1/2 2.05 15 270 .93 Request Quote
010-0321-0270I 2 2.64 20 270 1.38 Request Quote

* Non-stock

** Eagle Brand is a JGB Private Brand Hose