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Salem-Republic Rubber Company
Air Blower Hose

Air Blower Hose

Air and Multipurpose Hose

Vendor: Salem-Republic Rubber Company


The Air Blower Hose is used to convey air to water
treatment tanks.

  • Tube & Cover Built with EPDM, Neoprene or
    other Custom Compounds
  • Smooth or Vol-U-Flex Corrugated Cover
  • Available with Plain Cut Ends, Flanges, Soft
    Cuffs, or Beaded Ends


EPDM, Neoprene or other Custom Compounds


EPDM, Neoprene or other Custom Compounds


End Connections:


Full-Face Duck and Rubber Flange - Optional Hose Ends Full-Face Duck and Rubber Flange provides a complete seal with an exclusive raised face, eliminating need for a gasket. All wetted surfaces are of the same compound as the hose lining.
Built-In Steel Nipple - Optional Hose Ends The Built-In Steel Nipple provides a secure, high-strength fitting. Nipple ID matches hose ID, allowing full flow to minimize turbulence and pressure drop.
Beaded End with Back-up Ring - Optional Hose End Beaded end with Back-up Ring provides a rubber raised face for a complete seal without the need for a gasket.
Soft Cuffs - Optional Hose End Soft Cuffs: Hard wall reinforced materials are removed from a portion of the hose end for optimum clamping surface.

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