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Salem-Republic Rubber Company
SUPERGLASS Non-Conductive Water Hose

SUPERGLASS Non-Conductive Water Hose

Special Application

Vendor: Salem-Republic Rubber Company


SUPERGLASS Non-Conductive Water Hose

Designed for use in supplying cooling water to:
  • mast arm
  • vault wall
  • furnace panels

Typical hose diameters for these applications range from 1" inside diameter to 5" inside diameter. A 2-ply fiberglass cover is standard so that the hose can be used in harsh service environments with no additional jacketing. A multiple ply cord or fabric carcass is utilized for discharge applications. A dual plastic helix is utilized in suction and discharge applications providing a user-friendly flexibility never before seen in non-conductive hose assemblies. End configurations include stainless steel swaged on fittings, stainless steel built in nipples, or soft cuffs for on-site or distributor coupling attachments.

EXTREMELY HARSH ENVIRONMENTS often warrant SUPERGLASS Non-Conductive Water Hoses with unique features including a vulcanized spiral bumper, special couplings, fire sleeves or a combination of these elements.

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