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Salem-Republic Rubber Company
FlexRite Acid Resistant Hose / Chemical Transfer Hose

FlexRite Acid Resistant Hose / Chemical Transfer Hose

Chemical Hose     Sub Type: Chemical Transfer Hose

Vendor: Salem-Republic Rubber Company


  • Tank truck delivery service
  • Railcar loading & unloading
  • Mine & mill chemical transfer
  • Food & FDA processes

Acid Resistant Hose / Chemical Transfer Hose

Salem-Republic Acid/Chemical Hose is available in almost limitless variations of chemical and acid-resistant tube/carcass/cover materials and gauges custom-engineered to handle most corrosive fluids.

Tube and cover polymers include pure gum rubber, SBR, Hypalon®, neoprene, nitrile, butyl, EPDM, Viton® and polyethylene.

All Salem-Republic hose can be custom color-coded. Color applications include cover or stripes to meet special plant production.

The FlexRite Acid and Chemical Hose provides service from full vacuum suction to 150 PSI or greater discharge pressures.

The corrugated cover design allows for the tightest bend radius possible in a hose that will withstand full vacuum service.

When combined with integral end connections such as the FlexRite Beaded End or the Full Face Duck and Rubber Flange, all wetted surfaces are covered by the tube compound which is resistant to the fluid being transferred.

Custom Hose Construction

Tube: EPDM, Chlorobutyl, Hypalon®, UHMWPE or
Natural Rubber depending upon the fluid being transferred.
Reinforcements: Polyester fabrics and dual
spring steel wire helix.
Cover: Corrugated, typically fabricated from
EPDM, neoprene, chlorobutyl, or Hypalon® (which
is available in blue, red, yellow or green colors).
Ends: Integral FlexRite Beaded Ends, Integral Full
Face Duck and Rubber Flanges, Soft Cuffs, or
Enlarged Soft Cuffs.

Custom End Construction

Exclusive FlexRite Beaded End Hose

  • Built-in steel angle ring for rigid support.
  • Holes match standard ASA 150# drilling.
  • Forms tight seal.
  • Easy rotation.

Optional Hose Ends

Optional hose ends are specified according to use factors

Full-Face Duck and Rubber Flange - Optional Hose Ends Full-Face Duck and Rubber Flange provides a complete seal with an exclusive raised face, eliminating need for a gasket. All wetted surfaces are of the same compound as the hose lining.
Soft Cuffs - Optional Hose Ends Soft Cuffs:  Hard wall reinforcing materials are removed from a portion of the hose end for optimum clamping characteristics.
Enlarged Hose End - Optional Hose Ends The Enlarged Hose End permits full flow through the connection. The hose end fits the OD of the pipe and is clamped in place.

FlexRite Beaded End Flanges Sizes (Inches) Flange Flange Thickness Bolt Circle
FlexRite Beaded End Flanges

FlexRite Beaded End Flanges are designed for easy mating and flange hole alignment.
2 3-1/8 6 5/8 4-3/4
2-1/2 3-5/8 7 5/8 5-1/2
3 4-1/4 7-1/2 3/4 6
4 5-1/4 9 13/16 7-1/2
5 6-3/8 10 13/16 8-1/2
6 7-1/2 11 13/16 9-1/2
8 9-5/8 13-1/2 7/8 11-3/4
10 12 16 15/16 14-1/4
12 14-5/8 19 1-1/16 17
14 16-1/4 21 1-1/8 18-3/4
16 18-1/2 23-1/2 1-1/4 21-1/4

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