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Imperial Fire Hose


Fire Protection

Vendor: Imperial Fire Hose


Polyester Double Jacket Urethane Lined Fire Hose

Imperial Polylite is a lightweight hose that utilizes a thin, high tensile thermoplastic lining to minimize weight. Both the inner and outer jackets are constructed of polyester warp yarns and filament polyester filler yarns. Imperial Polylite’s lining meets the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) Standard 61 for potable water and has a tensile strength of over 5000 psi (35,000 kPa). Imperial Polylite is U.L. Listed. Imperial Polylite is available with Imperial's innovative PERM-I-DENT II abrasion resistant coating.


All Imperial woven jacket products are available with a new, unique, innovative abrasion resistant coating. PERM-I-DENT II completely encapsulates the fibers of the jacket, providing a long lasting, vibrant color shield against the rough treatment that fire hose is exposed to every day.

PERM-I-DENT II displays extreme resistance to bacterial and mildew growth as well.

Surpasses even the most harsh testing regimens

When subjected to the Mil-H-24606B Taber Abrader test, PERM-I-DENT II surpassed the minimum requirement by 6 times compared to other hose manufacturers.




Contact JGB for proper hose fitting recommendation and coupling procedure.


The standard color is white.


PERM-I-DENT II coating in six vibrant NFPA recommended colors; red, yellow, orange, blue, green and tan.

Size Service Pressure
Burst Bowl Size Weight* Coil Diameter Request Quote
50 (15m) 50 (15m)
inch mm psi kPa psi kPa psi kPa inch mm lbs. kg inch mm
1-1/2 38 400 2800 800 5600 1200 8400 1-15/16 49 12 5.4 16 406 Request Quote
1-3/4 45 400 2800 800 5800 1200 8400 2-1/8 54 14 6.3 16 406 Request Quote
2-1/2 65 400 2800 800 5600 1200 8400 3 76 25 11.3 19 483 Request Quote
3 75 400 2800 800 5600 1200 8400 3-9/16 90 31 14.0 19 483 Request Quote
* Weight is uncoupled
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -