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Salem-Republic Rubber Company
FlexRite Material Handling Hose (Cement and Concrete)

Mining Dredge Hose

(Suction, Discharge, Sleeves, Gimbals)

Flexible Rubber Pipe is designed for all types of material handling applications, including dry bulk and slurries. Hose design requirements for dry bulk differ from slurry applications. Hose for taconite and other ore processing makes it possible to employ tested formulation and fabrication procedures. This eliminates guesswork and assures up to five times longer hose life.

Dry Bulk

Salt, Cement, Fertilizers, Plastics, Rock Dust, Silica Sand, Metal and Wood Chips... moving material to and from truck, rail car, or barge. Food handling: FDA grade for grains, sugar, flour, and other powder granular products.


FlexRite Hose is used for all types of slurry handling. These include quarry products, mining materials from ore to tailings, coal slurries and fly ash. Waste and refuse handling and pollution control used are newly-emerging hose applications. All are moved with cost-saving efficiency using S-R s FlexRite Pipe.

"Flex Rite"

  • Abrasive Discharge - static conducting
  • Ash Disposal - fly and bottom
  • Barge Loading - dry goods, slurry
  • Dry Bulk
  • Dry Cement
  • Elephant Trunk - dry cement
  • Fish Suction - high resistance to abrasion & oil
  • Flex-Rite Rubber Pipe - salt, fertilizer, rock dust, metal, wood chips
  • Gunite - pure gum and static conductive
  • Hot Air Blower - cement
  • Hot Tar and Asphalt - rough bore
  • Insulation Blower
  • Mud Pump Suction
  • Oil Suction and Discharge
  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • PVC Pellet Vacuum - rail, hopper,extruder
  • Sand Blast
  • Sand Blast Vacuum Return
  • Sand and Gravel - suction and discharge
  • Slurry - tailings, fly ash, waste and refuse handling, quarry products
  • Taconite - ore processing

Optional Hose Ends

Optional hose ends are specified according to use factors

Full-Face Duck and Rubber Flange - Optional Hose Ends Full-Face Duck and Rubber Flange provides a complete seal with an exclusive raised face, eliminating need for a gasket. All wetted surfaces are of the same compound as the hose lining.
Built-In Steel Nipple - Optional Hose Ends The Built-In Steel Nipple provides a secure, high-strength fitting. Nipple ID matches hose ID, allowing full flow to minimize turbulence and pressure drop.
Rubber-Lined Steel Nipple - Optional Hose Ends Similar to the Built-In Steel Nipple, the Rubber-Lined Steel Nipple provides the same ID throughout the hose for full flow maximum abrasion resistance. Note: flanges are rubberfaced and seal without gasketing.
Enlarged Hose End - Optional Hose Ends The Enlarged Hose End permits full flow through the connection. The hose end fits the OD of the pipe and is clamped in place.
FlexRite Beaded End Flanges Sizes (Inches) Flange Flange Thickness Bolt Circle
FlexRite Beaded End Flanges

FlexRite Beaded End Flanges are designed for easy mating and flange hole alignment.
2 3-1/8 6 5/8 4-3/4
2-1/2 3-5/8 7 5/8 5-1/2
3 4-1/4 7-1/2 3/4 6
4 5-1/4 9 13/16 7-1/2
5 6-3/8 10 13/16 8-1/2
6 7-1/2 11 13/16 9-1/2
8 9-5/8 13-1/2 7/8 11-3/4
10 12 16 15/16 14-1/4
12 14-5/8 19 1-1/16 17
14 16-1/4 21 1-1/8 18-3/4
16 18-1/2 23-1/2 1-1/4 21-1/4

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