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Vacuum Hose

Vendor: Plastiflex


WIREFLEX STRETCH Vacuum Hose ideal for vacuum cleaners when store away room is limited

WireFlex Stretch is used in many:

  • Compact and upright vacuum cleaners
  • Central vacuum systems
  • Garage vacuum cleaners
  • Photo copier vacuum cleaners
  • Field technical support vacuum cleaners
  • Hand held vacuum cleaners

Main Product Features and Benefits

The manufacturing process of WIREFLEX STRETCH offers as a main advantage minimal inside diameter reduction when the hose is stretched with as a result, a quasi-constant inside diameter whether in stretched or non stretched status.
The side wall design of WIREFLEX STRETCH is also unique as it shingle sideways to offer a specific flow direction that eliminates the whisteling effect that most stretched hoses create. WIREFLEX STRETCH is totally whistlefree.
The pitch designs allows for even better flow in its operating direction.

Operating Specifications

WireFlex Stretch PVC up to 70°C
WireFlex Stretch TPU up to 110°C (for hotel hair dryer, etc..)
WireFlex Stretch TPR up to 135°C

WireFlex Stretch PVC for regular vacuum cleaning systems.
WireFlex Stretch TPU for high temperature systems as hotel hair dryers, etc..
WireFlex Stretch TPR for chemical resistance.




WireFlex Stretch is available with a wide range of injection moulded cuffs.
Other colors, lengths or end fittings are available on request.
Special cuff development for specific applications. Contact your JGB sales representative.

Stretch Ratio Outside Diameter Range (inches) Outside to Inside Diameter difference (inches)  Request Quote
3 to 1 1.44” to 1-3/4”  0.31 Request Quote
4 to 1 1.44” to 1-3/4”  0.39 Request Quote
5 to 1 1.55” to 1-3/4”  0.43 Request Quote
6 to 1 1.55” to 1-3/4”  0.47 Request Quote
7 to 1 1.55” to 1-3/4”  0.47 Request Quote
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -